Sales Manager

Company Values

Concrete Pro Coatings values form the foundation of the company. Adhering to our MERIT values will help us build a strong and healthy organization.


The Sales Manager is a key part of the fulfillment of the promises we make to our customers. The company’s brand and customer experience relies on the proper execution of the responsibilities of this role. Company motto: “Service You Can Trust.”

The areas of accountability are as follows:


1. Find new customers and aid in keeping existing customers
2. Work with Operations to ensure promises are delivered
3. Ensure cohesiveness between Marketing and Operations


Deliverable 1 – Find new customers and retain existing customers
1. Use sales systems and strategies to find new customers
2. Sell our product “Trust” and close the sale for the commodity the customer needs
3. Monitor conversion rates and provide reports to Vice President Marketing
4. Sell high profit jobs with minimum of 30% profit margin
5. Work with the Advertising and Research Manager to create innovative ways to attract our target customers.
6. Report to Vice President Marketing daily with project updates, questions, concerns to ensure that all sales goals are on track and issues are handled immediately. Be prepared to offer 3 solutions to the Vice President Marketing for any issue that arises.

Deliverable 2 – Customer Service – Work with Operations to ensure promises are delivered

1. Be familiar with the step-by-step installation instructions provided in the Systems Installation Guide to ensure you sell service our customers can trust.
2. Assist the Production Manager in handling all customer questions related to changes to project timelines, work scope, design, and/or Change Orders.
3. Provide the VP Marketing with daily updates regarding any customer interactions.
4. Communicate with all customers and subcontractors in a professional and polite manner. Report any issues to be addressed to the VP Marketing with 3 solutions.
5. Arrive on-time and be willing to stay late and/or help onsite if necessary to keep projects on schedule.
6. Ensure, through effective communication, that active job customers remain updated on project progress, upcoming customers receive scheduling notices and past customers give feedback and receive follow up. “Service You Can Trust.”

Deliverable 3 – Ensure cohesiveness between Marketing and Operations

1. Communicate with Customers, Service Managers and Production Managers so that all fully understand the expectations of the work to be performed.
2. Understand promises made by Concrete Pro Coatings and unique request by customers and communicate those to the Service and Production Managers.
3. Work with VP Marketing to continually improve systems that increase cohesiveness between Marketing and Operations.


1. Report directly to the Vice President Marketing.
2. Attend meetings on time with prep completed.

The following will require sign off and/or notification of the Vice President Marketing:
1. Any serious injury or accident occurring on a Concrete Pro Coatings job site.
2. Any liability, warranty or damage issue.
3. Any incidence of fraud or theft within the company.
4. All purchasing of new tools.
5. Any incident involving damage to Concrete Pro Coating’s or customer’s assets.
6. A serious breach by an employee of our company values.
7. Major strategic, cash, people or brand initiatives.


All Sales Managers are paid bi-weekly by commission. The pay period encompasses the previous two weeks with Monday starting the pay period and ending on every other Monday.

Paychecks are issued the following Monday in person for all jobs COMPLETED during that specific pay period. Jobs started, but not completed, during a pay period will be paid on the next paycheck for the pay period in which the job was completed.

Hours of Work

Monday to Saturday, 7am – 4pm. It is expected that you arrive on site 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time each day. Full time is assumed but not guaranteed. Occasionally overtime and Saturdays may be required.

Bonus Pay

Bonus pay can be earned by achieving goals set forth in the company Bonus Program. The bonus pay period starts December 1st and ends September 30th. Payments for any earned bonuses between October 1st of previous year and September 30th are paid on December 1st three months after the end of current bonus pay period.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are not provided by Concrete Pro Coatings.

Performance and Wage Review

Performance reviews will take place on a monthly basis. Raises are performance and experience based and are not guaranteed.


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